Glimpse of Australia

From the sacred legends of the aboriginal Dreamtime when the great spirits conjured the coral reefs, rainforests, and scorched, red deserts, to armchair travellers who describe Australia as their dream destination, the Land Down Under deserves all the hype. With its vast and varied landscapes, unique wildlife, and white-sand beaches, Australia is one of the most interesting continents around.
Along the coast, visitors can explore vibrant multicultural cities, safari across vast sand islands, trek through ancient rainforests, and dive the Great Barrier Reef. In the Outback, rugged national parks and red-earthed deserts offer the ultimate in adventure travel. The land is naturally beautiful and something that you would have never seen before. The city life is also a great reason to go to Australia. It is a known fact that the night-life of Australia is outstanding, with parties and barbecues on the beach; it will be a trip you will never forget. Top it all off with a laidback feel and friendly people and it's no wonder Australia scores top billing on bucket lists around the world.
The largest touristic cities in Australia are Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold coast & Cairns. The Great Ocean Road in Victoria is one of Australia’s definitive wonders, a dazzling, heart-stopping, 150-mile drive along the hemline of the continent. The climax is the Twelve Apostles, where the raging Southern Ocean has gnawed the limestone cliffs to leave tall pillars of more resilient rock stranded out at sea.



Experience the mystic land of journeys with the Australia Holiday Package.Chill out the luxury in Sydney as you visit the Bondi Beach and the Kings Cross, and walk through the Sydney Harbour Bridge.Delight in Gold Coast with its seashore beauty and have an experience of a lifetime at the Movie World.

  • Best time : March-May
  • Duration : 7 days
  • Destination covered : Gold Coast, Sydney

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