Amazing Spain

Wonderful beaches, delicious cuisine, vibrant nightlife and lively fiestas all make Spain one of Europe’s best getaways. Because Spain includes several autonomous regions and islands, the country boasts one of the most widely diverse cultures and landscapes on the continent. Travelling to Spain is likely to be an enriching experience since tourism in the country offers a wide variety of destinations, activities and landscapes. From the ancient monuments, the medieval castles, or the vibrant cities of Barcelona and Madrid, there is a great mixture of cultural attractions in Spain.
If you’re visiting Spain for the first time, be warned: this is a country that soon becomes an addiction. You might intend to come just for a beach holiday, a walking tour or a city break, but before you know it you’ll find yourself hooked by something quite different – the wild celebration of some local fiesta, perhaps, or the otherworldly architecture of Barcelona. .



Marvelous beaches, mouthwatering cuisine, vivacious nightlife and sparkling fiestas all make Spain one of Europe’s best getaways. Many visitors go to Granada expressly to see the Alhambra which offers the visitor marvelous attractive architecture, remarkable and lavish gardens, cascading and drenched water features, and stunning views of the city below.

  • Best time : April-October
  • Duration : 7 days
  • Destination covered : Ibiza, Mallorca, Granada

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