Fabulous Denmark

Known as the happiest country on earth, Denmark is a home to the world’s best restaurants and lots of fairytale cottages along the 7,000 kms of coastline. Just walking the streets of Denmark's towns and cities will bring you face-to-face with historical buildings, monuments and a feeling of a slower, simpler world. If you want to really get stuck in, you can stay at Viking camps, see battles and visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Or head to Denmark's stunning castles. Whether arriving from other parts of Scandinavia and Europe, or from North America, or even further afield, Denmark is easily accessible by air, sea, road or rail. With over 8,700 km of beaches and hundreds of accessible holiday islands to hop between, you can seek out the perfect stretch of sand to relax on. Danes love spending time on Denmark's beaches, and there are holiday cottages, inns, seaside hotels.
Denmark is a joy at any time of year. The city offers a wealth of activities by day and night, throughout the seasons, so you can never get bored of anything in this country. Be a happy traveller in the happiest country in the world.
Pack your bags and head to Denmark right away.



Denmark- Among the happiest country on the Earth. Explore the network of canals on which one can enjoy an entertaining cruise while becoming acquainted with the city. Here the best known and very attractive canal is Nyhavn.

  • Best time : May-August
  • Duration : 7 days
  • Destination covered : Tivoli Gardens, The little Mermaid, Amalienborg, Nyhavn

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